Had enough of road tolls, traffic gridlock and late buses? Join the campaign for transport that works for us

Right now Sydney’s transport network is heavily weighed down. The overloaded bus network crawls along city streets and motorways during peak hour, while our rail system is also close to capacity in many regions, and simply non-existent in much of the Inner West. This forces commuters onto roadways and tollways, and turns residents’ streets into stressed-out, noisy and polluted traffic zones.

Jamie is your voice inside State Parliament – and he has a plan: build on the huge success of the existing light rail extension, and further expand light rail within the CBD, along Parramatta Road and to the Balmain Peninsula.

This exciting new plan has been developed in collaboration with transport experts, academics, Members of Parliament, business leaders, and community organisations.

Imagine hopping on a fast, quiet and low-polluting tram at Lilyfield and hopping off at Gladstone Park Balmain, or catching a quick tram from the CBD down a surprisingly pleasant Parramatta Road to Leichhardt. It would change everything: boosting local businesses, giving residents an enjoyable and reliable commuting option and opening up Parramatta Road to become more than just a parking lot.

We know the powerful roads lobby is pushing for more tollways, more cars and more congestion. Sadly, the O’Farrell Government is playing right into their hands, with their proposal for a whopping $10 billion tollway. It’s ridiculously expensive, and even if construction could begin tomorrow, experience shows us that motorways may reduce travel times initially, but traffic volumes soon increase and travel times subsequently blow out to where they were before – or worse.

Instead, this plan will dramatically and permanently reduce travel times, alleviate CBD congestion, revitalise Parramatta Rd and give the Inner West and Sydney’s CBD a sustainable transport network. It will also reduce pressure on existing buses, trains and roads – making a faster journey for everyone.


Light rail is significantly more efficient than buses for moving large numbers of commuters quickly, quietly and with minimal pollution. Light rail has the capacity to carry up to 10,000 passengers per hour in each direction.

Light rail also has the potential to be fully powered by renewable energy – the city of Calgary in Canada for example runs its entire light rail system using wind power, saving thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions.

Let’s make this happen. Your support has already made all the difference. Because of you Balmain has a dedicated community champion inside State Parliament who’s not complacent, not beholden to vested interests and definitely not afraid to think outside the two-party box.

We’ve already won light rail extension from Lilyfield to Dulwich Hill. This is the logical and visionary next step. The more community support we build, the faster we’ll be on our way to building transport that works for people.

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Read the draft Light Rail Policy document

Read Jamie’s submission on the draft NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan

Jamie would love to have your feedback on the plan – please email him personally at: jamie.parker@parliament.nsw.gov.au